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Discover Scuba Diving in Pool Session Brief

Objective: The Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) in-pool session aims to introduce participants to the basics of scuba diving in a safe and controlled environment. This session is designed for individuals with little to no prior diving experience, allowing them to get a taste of the underwater world and gain confidence before venturing into open water.

Duration: Typically, the in-pool session lasts around 1.5 to 2 hours, allowing sufficient time for instruction, equipment familiarization, skill practice, and enjoyment of the underwater experience.

* Preparation:

* Ensure all participants have completed the necessary paperwork, including medical questionnaires and liability waivers.
* Provide a thorough briefing on the equipment to be used, including wetsuits, masks, fins, buoyancy control devices (BCDs), regulators, and tanks.
* Emphasize safety protocols, including equalization techniques, hand signals, and emergency procedures.
* Assign qualified dive instructors to oversee small groups of participants, maintaining a safe instructor-to-student ratio.

Session Outline:

* Introduction and Orientation (15 minutes):
1 - Welcome participants and introduce them to the dive instructors, Dive Master & Dive team.
2 - Brief overview of the session objectives, safety guidelines, and basic diving principles.
3 - Address any questions or concerns from participants.

* Equipment Familiarization (15 minutes):
1 - Demonstrate how to properly assemble and disassemble scuba gear.
2 - Provide hands-on practice for participants to become comfortable with wearing and adjusting equipment.
3 - Ensure each participant's equipment fits properly for optimal comfort and safety.

* Underwater Skills Practice (30 minutes):
1 - Begin with basic skills such as breathing through the regulator, clearing the mask, and equalizing pressure.
2 - Progress to more advanced skills as participants become comfortable, including buoyancy control, regulator recovery, and emergency procedures (e.g., sharing air).
3 - Dive instructors/Dive Master closely supervise and provide individual assistance as needed to ensure participants grasp each skill effectively.

* Exploration and Enjoyment (20-30 minutes):
1 - Once participants demonstrate proficiency in essential skills, allow them to explore the pool environment under close supervision.
2 - Encourage participants to practice their newfound skills and enjoy the sensation of weightlessness underwater.
3 - Dive instructors remain vigilant to address any issues promptly and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

* Debriefing and Next Steps (15 minutes):
1 - Gather participants for a debriefing session to discuss their experiences and address any questions or concerns.
2 - Provide information on further training opportunities, such as certification courses, and answer inquiries about future diving adventures.
3 - Thank participants for their participation and encourage them to continue exploring the wonders of the underwater world.

* Conclusion:
The Discover Scuba Diving in-pool session offers an exciting introduction to the world of scuba diving, allowing participants to experience the thrill of breathing underwater in a controlled setting. By focusing on safety, instruction, and hands-on practice, this session lays the foundation for future diving endeavors while fostering a deeper appreciation for the marine environment.

  • PADI Instructor/Dive Master (One-on-One)
  • Up to 60-90 Mins of Diving
  • including Instructions Diving will be in Swimming Pool
  • PADI Appriciation Certificate
  • Not Mentioned in Description
  • Any Kind of Travel Expense
  • Any Kind of Personal Expenses
  • Travel Expense
  • 5% GST
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